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The Creighton Model is a natural approach to women’s health. Using biomarkers, which are easily learned, the Creighton Model can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy, or monitor your fertility. Creighton Model Practitioners provide quality, professional services to couples and individuals. Through learning The Creighton Model system, the ability to monitor, maintain, and evaluate procreative and gynecologic health is attained.


NaProTechnology is a new reproductive science that works cooperatively with a women’s body to address and correct women’s health issues. Through this technology, women’s health issues are identified and corrected if necessary.



Crieghton Model Fertility Care provides help for many common conditions including hormonal imbalances, PCOS, endometriosis, and so much more.

Avoiding Pregnancy

99.5% effective at avoiding pregnancy with perfect use.

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Achieving Pregnancy

76% effective at achieving pregnancy in the first cycle.

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95% effective for treatment of PMS and PPD.

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