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08 Jun

Honesty: A Most Crucial Element of Love

Love me for who I am, not who you fantasize me to be, not who I wish I was, but the plain Jane/John that I am.

What higher physical expression of love is there than sexual union? What unites the natural human passion for oneness to the oneness certified in marriage vows more perfectly than the ‘marital union?’  If so, shouldn’t this powerful act be permeated by honesty?

Because our culture is saturated with advertisements and shocking news lines, tweets, status updates, and the rest of the constant barrage of distractions, we never stop to question the current image of romance and love. Is it as beautiful as the cheap sex scenes beg you to think? Are all those shades of grey as satisfying as they beckon? Or is it all a sham made up of a series of constant stimuli and animalistic urges?

To love honestly is to know someone deeply and to likewise be known deeply.  The peace that you experience is the knowledge that you are loved for all that you are; perfection mixed with imperfection. Moments of “yeah!” with a lot more moments of “ughhh…” To love honestly is to see the beauty in the human nakedness of who YOU are – nothing added, nothing taken away – and all for your and his/her pure betterment.

This is the Creighton Model Revolution.  This is the Sex Reformation.  This is marriage renewal!

I think that with all the promotion of continuously unsatisfying solutions for boring sexual lives – marital infidelity, divorce, dissatisfaction with one’s own gender – it all comes down to this one very integral missing piece: honesty.

Creighton Model is so revolutionary because it challenges us to go against the current “sexual revolution” tide and compels us to in all honesty accept ourselves for who we are – all of ourselves, all of our spouse – and love each other purely.  Rather than seeing one another as a vehicle for satisfaction of sexual urges or even the fulfillment of some romantic fantasy we read in a book, we will seek to know and appreciate each other for who each other is, and find the beauty therein. This will bring lasting satisfaction and joy to marriages. This will bring intimate knowledge and reverence for one another’s most sensitive places: soul, mind, and body.  What could be more beautiful? What could mirror Divine love better?  What can this do for your marriage?

How is this done? Creighton Model teaches – with scientific integrity – the seasons of a woman’s body along with the understanding of how these seasons interact with the natural state of her man. Then together, with respect for these mechanisms, a couple communicates and shares their feelings, hopes, and faith, coming to one mind about when to co-create an eternal soul out of their passionate love and when it would be best out of respect and care for the whole family to postpone or not seek pregnancy. In this manner, both woman and man’s natural psyche’s are respected, the strengths of both are combined to enhancement, bodies are strengthened in optimal health and protected with prevention of illness (reproductive organs will be monitored closely), and their marriage vows will continually and boldly be re-enacted and celebrated with complete honesty in every marital embrace.

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